Thank you for your wonderful Massagical treatments, my hands and feet have never felt so good. I have mild eczema, and the cream has made huge improvement.  My 10-year-old daughter has patches of eczema on her arms and legs, and will not let me apply anything other than Massagical cream to soothe her.

I love your products. My Mum bought me some scrub and cream from the Scottish garden show, as she knew I had bother with my hands. I work with young children and am a massage therapist in my spare time so I need my hands to be in good condition whilst also taking a bit of a battering! After using for a week I just had to order a few more, they are wonderful, smell, texture, effectiveness...I am converted, and my hands are softer and less inclined to crack at my finger tips already, thank you

I bought some of your Massagical Cream at a craft show at Penshurst a few years back and I have decided that your handcream is better than others I have tried!  I would therefore, like to have another jar.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful creams. I used them on a women's retreat I ran this weekend and put a pot in the centre for anyone to help themselves to throughout the weekend and massage their hands or feet or wherever else... In the evening of the retreat I made up mini pots of cream (from the big pot) for participants to take to their room and give themselves a self-massage.  They absolutely loved the cream and couldn't put it down all weekend. I have been using it for a couple of years so already know how wonderful it is!

Thank you for your lovely soap, I use regularly in the shower, on my face and hands, not only does it leave my skin feeling clean and moisturized, the lovely massagical aroma lingers in our bathroom until the very end of the lovely lathery bar!

I tried your products at a craft show last year, I have regretted not purchasing for a whole year, I bought it this year, and it is fantastic, I have now ordered some for gifts for my sisters.


My dry itch legs are no more, my cracked heels are better, I love your products, thank you.

One of the best items I have EVER purchased at a show, a genuine product, and a genuine treat.

The Massagical soap is the nicest soap I have found, the feel and the aroma are both simply delicious.

Purchased my 1st 2 jars of Massagical gold and cream from Ripley castle today….can I just say OMG they are amazing…..will defiantly be buying plenty more…

Amazing products…we are over the moon with our purchases today.

Just used the massagical gold and cream that I purchased today, it is amazing. I will be coming back to Sandringham Christmas fayre to buy some for presents.